Organizing Product-Service Development for Global Markets Workshop, November 24th

Welcome to this workshop that is organized in collaboration between Luleå University of Technology and Automation Region.


Many Swedish manufacturing firms are focusing on increasing their revenues from industrial services. However, such a transition is highly challenging requiring organizational changes, new business models and risk management approaches. In this VINNOVA funded project, we are investigating these issues with a specific focus on understanding the requirement of developing and selling industrial product-services to global and heterogeneous markets.

To this background, the purpose of the workshop is twofold. First, it seeks to capture and discuss key challenges and organizational issues that are central for a firm in managing the product-service transition. Second, it seeks to promote discussion about how Swedish companies can develop and successfully offer product-services to global markets. The program comprises results from on-going research from the VINNOVA project supplemented by expert presentations by selected academic and industry invitees. The intention is to learn from both academia and industry, and create an opportunity for an informal exchange of knowledge and 'networking'.

This year's keynote speakers are Marko Kohtamäki, Head and Professor of Department of Management at the University of Vaasa, and Ola Isaksson, Senior Specialist in Product Development at GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, Sweden. They both will share insights from their extensive experience on the topic of developing and selling industrial product-services.

Warm welcome – we hope to have a fruitful day for learning and building new relationships!

Vinit Parida, Associate professor Entrepreneurship and Innovation, LTU
Johan Frishammar, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, LTU
David Rönnberg Sjödin, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, LTU


Practical Information

Time: 24th November, 09:30-12:00

Location: expectrum, Kopparbergsvägen 10, Västerås

Registration: See link above, "Jag vill anmäla mig"

Interactive Seminars 

09:30-10:00 – Coffee and mingle

10:00-10:15 – Welcome to the workshop
Vinit Parida, LTU

10:15-10:45 – Keynote- Offering Product-Services: Insights from Finnish Manufacturing Industry
Marko Kohtamäki, UVA

10:45-11:00 – Understanding Product-Service Development Process
Sambit Lenka, LTU

11:00-11:30 – Keynote- Industrial Product-Services in Aerospace Industry
Ola Isaksson, GKN Aerospace

11:30-11:45 – Risk Management for Product-Service System Provision
Wiebke Reim, LTU

11:50-12:00 – Concluding Interactive Discussion
David Rönnberg Sjödin, LTU


Mälardalen är en ledande region för automation där stora och små företag samlas med produkter och applikationskunnande i världsklass. Företagsklustret Automation Region syftar till att ta tillvara denna mångfald och ytterligare utveckla vår globala position och kompetens inför framtiden.