Can Swedish technology be key in Canada's AI journey?

On the other side of the Atlantic, Canada is a pioneering country in terms of research, development and investment in AI. The Canadian government has high goals to strengthen the country's welfare and competitiveness with the help of AI. And here is a great opportunity for Automation Region's members to contribute.

For three days – Sweden Canada Innovation Days – Peter Barkenskiöld and Ulf Olofsson from Automation Region visited Toronto together with a number of companies, including Algoryx, CDE, Repli5, Prevas and the strategic innovation program PiiA. The purpose was to investigate the conditions for new collaborations and businesses between Swedish and Canadian companies.

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See you at Scanautomatic

From October 18 to 20, Automation Region will be in Gothenburg to participate in the trade fairs Scanautomatic and ProcessTeknik. You will find us in the “IndTech Lounge”, where we together with PiiA and The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Center are responsible for seminars, networking and other activities.

Elin Glimberg

Welcome Elin Glimberg

In September, Elin Glimberg joined our team at Automation Region. Elin will take on the role of Project Manager for developing events and content. Her duties will be to work with strategic communication and follow-up on the effects of our activities and projects.

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Together we will automate the textile industry

Skill, courage and a degree of humility are needed when automation solutions will be implemented in a completely new industry. This is something that Science Park Borås is aware of and the companies they collaborate with. Together with Automation Region, they are investigating which types of technology and knowledge from industry can be applied to the textile industry.

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Competence shortage risks the new industrialization

It is not only in Sweden that the competence shortage risks slowing down the pace within the industry, it is a global challenge. Similar trends with an increasing need for training in robotics and automation are more the rule than the exception.

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Network and new technology in Skellefteå

On October 4, we arranged the Automation Expo at T2 College in Skellefteå. In addition to the exhibition and mingling, the visitors were able to take part in short presentations in areas such as robotics, competence , production and additive manufacturing. Thanks to all exhibitors and visitors for an inspiring day!

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Quantum computing revolutionize the industry

On August 23, a webinar about Quantum computing was held. We talked about how quantum computers can create benefit and within just a few years revolutionize the industry. In five years, experts believe the world will know what actors and what countries will be forefront in the field of Quantum Computing. Since 2018, the investments into Quantum Computing startups in Silicon Valley have sky rocked.

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To the new government: “IndTech strengthens Swedish competitiveness”

Swedish industry is facing a digital transformation that will require extensive investments in the coming years. In a chronicle at Automation Region’s Process Manager, Catarina Berglund, points out four areas that require special efforts and focus from politicians.

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DeepLearn 2022 Autumn
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