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Introducing Mälardalen University’s new research profile MARC

Welcome to the inauguration of the Mälardalen University Automation Research Centre (MARC). The project is being financed over eight years as part of the Knowledge Foundation’s Research Profiles programme. MARC is supported by 26 people, including 6 new doctoral students and 5 new Postdocs. In addition to the funds from the Foundation (SEK 48 million), Mälardalen University itself is contributing SEK 23 million and the participating companies with at least SEK 40 million.

At the event, apart from cake and drink and meeting the people and partners of MARC, you will get a lightweight presentation of what we will do the coming 8 years, when it comes to building up and establishing MARC. You will also hear industry’s perspective on the initiative, as well as how MDU and the funding agency KKS look at MARC.


14:00-15.00 – Presentations

  • Thomas Nolte, Director MARC – MARC in a nutshell
  • Dennis Helfridsson, Managing Director ABB Sweden – Industry perspective
  • Martin Hellström, Rektor MDU – MARC and MDU
  • Mattias Jarl, Program Manager Research Profiles, KKS – Expectations

15.00-16.00 – Mingle, cake and drink

MARC in short

The research profile Mälardalen University Automation Research Center (MARC) is dedicated to advancing digitalisation and automation in industry through a comprehensive approach involving multiple research areas and industrial partnerships. The expected scientific achievements include the development of innovative solutions in portable and smart automation, robotics and control, as well as digital infrastructure. These advancements will enable significantly enhanced production flexibility, responsiveness, and sustainability, aligning with the vision of creating a leading research and education environment.

MARC’s overall objective is to enhance the level of digitalisation and automation in industry by addressing three major challenges: (1) improving the flexibility of automation systems and solutions, (2) advancing the application and automation of robotics and control, and (3) strengthening digital infrastructures. We will bring together academic and industrial experts, providing a unique opportunity for tangible impacts on academic and industrial practices.

MARC will combine the collective resources and expertise of diverse research areas in an interdisciplinary approach that combines state-of-the-art research with industrial relevance and impact.

In MARC the research at Mälardalen University (MDU) will capitalise on synergies primarily between the two research environments Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Innovation and Product Realisation (IPR), and provide a solid base for junior researchers to grow into future research leaders. Combined with industrial partnerships, this aligns with the mission to combine research excellence with industrial relevance, emphasising co-production with external partners. MDU will put significant resources into MARC with the purpose of strengthening and focusing the existing interdisciplinary collaboration around industrial automation.

Collaboration with industrial partners is a central element of the research plan, bringing together expertise from academia and industry. This partnership aims to tackle real-world challenges, to facilitate knowledge transfer, and to foster innovation as well as technology and competence transfer in both directions. The collaboration is expected to yield practical solutions applicable in various industrial contexts, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Swedish and European industry.

In summary, MARC aims to deliver significant scientific advancements, foster the development of MDU's research capabilities, and create impactful collaborations with industrial partners, all contributing to the broader goal of digital transformation and automation in the industry.

Practical information

Date: Tuesday, 3 September 2024
Time: 14:00 - 16:00 CET · Add to your calendar
Place: Mälardalen University, Entrance, Universitetsplan 1 in Västerås · Map