National commitment and prioritised areas for development

At Automation Region's Annual Meeting on 24 March, a progressive operational plan was established that will provide the direction of work efforts during the coming year. The starting point is a clear national commitment and focus on four prioritised areas for developing Swedish industry. New members were also elected to the Board and the meeting ended with mingling and socialising.

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New regional node in Skellefteå

Automation Region is currently strengthening its national focus by establishing a regional node for the Västerbotten and Norrbotten provinces based in Skellefteå. The person responsible for operations at the new node is Ulf Olofsson, Business Development Manager at Automation Region with considerable experience from development projects in automation and digitisation.

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Upcoming trade fairs and conferences

During the year, Automation Region participates in the planning and execution of two important trade fairs, Elmia Automation in the spring and Scanautomatic and ProcessTeknik in the autumn. In addition, our own conference Automation Summit is making a comeback in November with an event in four different cities.

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Positive results from Robotlyftet

Robotlyftet was initiated by the Swedish Government to support automation and robotisation in small and medium-sized industrial companies. The programme started in 2019 and ended in December 2021. An independent evaluation shows that Robotlyftet has had a good effect and contributed to increasing companies' investments in automation and robotisation.

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New tools visualises the labour market

Competence is currently developing a digital tool that visualises the labour market – how it is structured and where the jobs are located. The content is based on the data that professionals submit about their own professions. The tool will be web-based and open for use. The user will answer questions in order to be matched against a profession or industry.  In addition, the description of the various professions will include a section on labour market demand.

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AI in manufacturing

Webinar · 2022-04-22

AI can be used to improve ways of working across the entire value chain. In this webinar, we will give an introduction to how AI can be applied in multiple areas of manufacturing, and how you get started.

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Automation Expo in Västerås

Exhibition and new business · 2022-05-24

Automation Region, together with ABB Robotics and Mälardalen University, invites you to an industrial automation Expo. Take the opportunity to make new contacts and gather inspiration for the development of your production and business.

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AI for managers
Webbinarium 2022-04-05 · Arrangeras av Swedsoft
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Why industry 4.0 needs a human-centric perspective
Webbinarium 2022-05-10 · Arrangeras av Swedsoft
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Three universities & one course on digitalized production
Webbinarium 2022-06-07 · Arrangeras av Swedsoft
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