Swedish industry needs a vibrant innovation environment

In a debate article in Ny Teknik, we describe what is needed to develop a sustainable and competitive Swedish industry: “A vibrant innovation environment is crucial for the government's industrial strategy to be realized and for the Swedish indtech miracle to continue to grow.”

But what exactly is a vibrant innovation environment? And how can individual companies, investors, researchers, and individuals gain access to such an environment? For me, the answer is simple – the innovation environment consists of the combined competence and opportunities within the network.

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Westermos monter med personal och besökare

A comeback for Automation Expo

On May 25, a first Automation Expo was held after the pandemic. Automation Region's members demonstrated smart products and services in automation, robotics and production technology at Kungsleden's Sports Center in Västerås. Organizers for the day were Automation Region and Mälardalen University.

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Debate: "Sweden can become a world leader in industrial digitization"

Swedish industry is facing a digital transformation that will require extensive investments in the coming years. In a debate article in the magazine Ny Teknik, Automation Region and PiiA point out four areas that require special efforts and focus from politicians.

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New book on AI from an innovation perspective

In the newly published book Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management, international experts give their views on how AI affects how companies and organizations do business and innovate. Helena Blackbright, innovation researcher at Mälardalen University and project manager at Automation Region, is one of the editors of the book.

“AI enables radically renewed processes for value creation, at the same time as more and more tasks can be automated and machines begin to surpass human cognitive ability”, says Helena Blackbright.

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Compete with your degree project

It’s time to apply to the Automation Student competition, which nominates the best automation related degree project of the year. The winning entry is rewarded with a scholarship of SEK 20,000.

In the photo Alistair Brice and Moutoz Abdalrahman who won the 2021 edition of the competition with their degree project where they created an automatic assembly line for a pedal car.

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Green transition with tech companies

Together with PiiA and GTI (Green Transition Initiative), Automation Region has started the IndTech GTI Program. The purpose is to accelerate green transition in Swedish industry in collaboration with forefront tech companies in Silicon Valley.

During the autumn, a series of talks will be held with selected organizations in Sweden and the USA to identify strategies and working methods.

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Laying the foundation for a European flagship initiative

Automation Region, PiiA and Process IT at Luleå University of Technology have been awarded a Seal of Excellence for the work of establishing an innovation environment for IndTech. Seal of Excellence is the European Commission’s quality award for high-class applications.

“The innovation environment for IndTech will contribute significantly to growth and competitiveness for Swedish industry,” says Daniel Boqvist, Deputy Process Manager at Automation Region.

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How quantum computing will revolutionize the industry

Digital seminar · 2022-08-23

In this seminar we will discuss how Quantum Computing in a few years can revolutionize industries, such as energy production, life science and pharma, logistics, manufacturing, and production.

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Managing complex challenges

Workshop in Stockholm · September 1-2

Solving complex challenges in complex environments demands structure and a strong leadership. To find out how Sweden can organize and build structures for R&I collaboration, we have invited Christian Rangen to lead workshop on the subject.

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AI and ethics for engineers
Webinar 2022-09-06 · Arranged by Swedsoft
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DeepLearn 2022 Autumn
Conference in Luleå 2022-10-17 · Arranged by Luleå universitet
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Scanautomatic and ProcessTeknik
Industry fair in Göteborg 2022-10-18 · Arranged by Svenska mässan
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PiiA Summit
Conference Västerås 2022-11-23 · Arranged by PiiA
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