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Demonstration of emerging technologies used in data driven industries

Nordic IndTech demonstration · April 21

Warmly welcome to the 6th event in a series of activities within the Nordic IndTech. This event is focusing on showcasing different emerging technologies from the Nordics and from Silicon Valley used within industries, as well as being the starting point in a match-making between Nordic Industry and Emergin Technologies from the Nordics and from Silicon Valley.

Companies demonstrating their technology

  • Hadi Nahari, CEO, Cognomotive
  • Linn Sidahl, Head of Business Development, Ekkono AI
  • Alberto Bonamico, Business Development Director EMEA, Cogniac
  • Alan Sillito, Global Key Accounts, Senior Director, Wirepas
  • Mika K. S. Tienhaara, CEO, Rocscole
  • Robert Södergren, Founder & Head of Product, Flowtropolis
  • Gro Dyrnes, CCO, Ivaldi Group
  • Prachi Vakharia, Head of Alliances, Safe AI
  • Lars-Erik Matsson Fagernaes, CEO and Cofounder, Aviant

Who are you?

You are probably working on a daily basis as a project leader or with strategic questions at a Industry company with an interest in industry data analytics and are open for starting interesting collaborations and/or strategic alliances within this field.

You could also work at a company adressing industry needs using emerging technologies.

About Nordic IndTech

This demonstration event followed by a cross-atlantic matchmaking between software companies and Nordic industry is the 6th event out of a series of events within the Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley stronghold Nordic IndTech organized by Automation Region and PiiA (the strategic innovation program Process industrial IT & Automation). The aim is to decrease the gap between Nordic world leading process industry and automation companies and tech frontiers from Silicon Valley creating a more sustainable next generation automation together. By combining need owners with automation and tech companies, our goal is to support the industry in the next step of digitalization.

There is currently a strong interest globally to learn how heavy industry from Sweden works with innovation. PiiA, Automation Region, and Vinnova therefore started a new focus area 2019 in Sweden called Indtech and have under 2020 decided to internationalize this area in collaboration with Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley and our fellow Nordic countries in Silicon Valley calling it Nordic Indtech with a series of activities planned under 2020 – 2021 under the Nordic Indtech umbrella.

More information

Practical information

Date: April 21th, 2021
Time: 17-19 CET (18-20 EET, 8-10 PST) · Add to calender
Place: Zoom, we will provide you with the link before the seminar
Questions: Please contact Catarina Berglund or Peter Wallin