World-class automation solutions

The term automation comprises measurement and control systems intended to streamline and improve a production process. This includes technology for measuring equipment, actuators, process regulators, motor drivers, human-machine communication, robotics, and process and production optimisation.

Automation is an important high-technology sector with a significant export ratio. In addition, automation is of great strategic importance to Swedish production and competitiveness. Our knowledge of automation ensures productivity and quality within Swedish industry and makes us successful despite a relatively high salary level.

A turnover of SEK 70 billion

The turnover within industrial IT and automation in Sweden amounts to more than SEK 70 billion, according to a survey conducted on behalf of Automation Region and PiiA in collaboration with SICS and Stockholm Business Region (2015). The industries that appear to account for the majority of the turnover within industrial IT and automation are the manufacturing and plant industries (suppliers of equipment and systems) with 43 per cent, the wholesale trade with 31 per cent and technical consultancies with 10 per cent.

An important field of the future

Automation is an important future field with a clear link to both IT and electronics and to economics, human-machine communication and environment. Automation systems are often complex, involving large computer networks, sensors, real-time visualisation of complex processing information, understanding of the user production economy, simulation, etc.  This requires an understanding of technology and environment, as well as of economics and behaviour.

There is no contradiction between future business opportunities and a positive environmental impact. Automation has an important role to play in this. A good way to reduce negative impact on the environment is to work to minimise emissions and unnecessary use of resources. And this is what automation is all about: preventing emissions, minimising the use of raw materials and using energy as efficiently as possible.