Automation Region supports new graduate school

Article · 2021-06-29

With support from, among others, Automation Region, the graduate school IndTech Industrial Technology Graduate School has been established at Mälardalen University (MDH). The graduate school, which offers advanced education in industrial digitization, will train future research leaders to strengthen Sweden's industrial competitiveness.

– Automation Region has been an important party in the development of the graduate school, from project idea and application to implementation, says Markus Bohlin, project manager for the graduate school and professor at MDH. In order for industry-oriented research to be useful, good collaboration between academia and industry is required, and that bridge is created here thanks to Automation Region's participation.

Swedish industrial production is undergoing a fundamental transformation with digitization of products, services and production processes. IndTech - the technology that makes the industry smarter - is at the heart of this ongoing transformation. The potential in the IndTech area is enormous and productivity increases of up to 30 percent are forecast. According to the World Economic Forum, however, at least half of all those working in the industry need skills development for us to be able to take advantage of the digitalisation potential.

– Industrial technology is developing rapidly and it is important that Swedish companies have access to the latest research, says Daniel Boqvist, program manager for research and innovation at Automation Region. Automation Region wants to contribute to enabling the utilization of the research results that the graduate school creates and ensure that they create value for companies.

Changed skills needs in the manufacturing industry

As the industry is digitized and automated, the competence requirements change. To meet future competence needs, leading industrial companies and research institutes have joined forces and shaped the new graduate school with a view to the industry's future challenges. Included on this train ride- where the final station is 15 industrial doctoral students - are companies such as Alstom, Volvo Construction Equipment, ESEM, Mälarenergi, Kanthal, Siemens, Westermo, Addiva and Peltarion.

Daniel Boqvist, Automation Region, and Markus Bohlin, MDH.

The graduate school is also supported by organizations such as AI Sweden, PiiA, Blue Institute and Automation Region.

– We at Automation Region have contributed with our insight into the companies' needs and conditions within IndTech, says Daniel Boqvist. We want a research-based development of automation solutions, but at the same time it is crucial that these new solutions meet the needs and potential of the industry.

The graduate school focuses on the implementation of the smart industry and applied AI for production systems. The goal is for the industrial doctoral students, who are employed by the participating partner companies, to defend their dissertations and thereby strengthen Sweden's industrial competitiveness.

Great value for Automation Region's network

Despite the competence challenges, IndTech is already today a Swedish parade branch, with several world-leading companies stationed in Sweden.

– Several of the players who have come a long way in their development are also members of the Automation Region, says Daniel Boqvist. The fact that MDH is now establishing this graduate school means that the region will be even more attractive for research and research collaboration with industry. It also creates a development environment to gather around, which provides great value for the network around the Automation Region and for our member companies.