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Now we're on Instagram!

Okategoriserade · 13 October 2022

We want to share knowledge and our everyday life in a simple and easy-going way. That's why we're on Instagram from now on. Here you will find knowledge and inspiration for the industry – connected to automation, digitalization and IndTech. Join us for activities, meetings and projects and take part in the results of our joint work.

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Meet Peter Barkenskiöld

Okategoriserade · 13 October 2022

The engineer whose heart beats for children and young people's equal right to training and community.

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Competence shortage risks the new industrialization

Okategoriserade · 10 October 2022

It is not only in Sweden that the competence shortage risks slowing down the pace within the industry, it is a global challenge. Similar trends with an increasing need for training in robotics and automation are more the rule than the exception.

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