Collaboration is the new innovation

Note · 2022-11-29

“Collaboration is the new innovation” said a wise person once, and this is so true! During the Automation Summit conference, it became more transparent than ever that innovation takes place through inter-active collaboration and that the time when research and innovation took place behind closed doors is long gone.

It’s when the private sector, entrepreneurs, investors, academia and public authorities meet that we can find solutions to the major complex challenges. And it is precisely in that space – between all these various organisations and businesses – that Automation Region exists to lead development at the system level and to help regional forces become national resources that can then be used in an international context.

At the conference, it was interesting to listen to the speakers who demonstrated how it is no longer viable to talk about sectors as separate entities. Technologies, challenges and requirements are common and it is in fact when we share lessons learned and experiences with one another that we can create an exponential development.

Many organisations view their own challenges as unique to their particular industry, but if you scratch the surface a little, there are often more similarities than differences. Meeting points such as Automation Summit and platforms such as Automation Region function as a kind of neutral base where we can meet, plan and share experiences before the climb that awaits towards the top.

So a big THANK YOU to all of you who made Automation Summit 2022 such a fantastic conference! Below you can find images and coming soon also links to recordings from the conference.

Daniel Boqvist
Process manager, Automation Region