Skills Group

Automation Regions Skills Group has a cutting edge function to secure automation and digitization skills locally, regionally and nationally. Right now an industrial revolution takes place that fundamentally changes and deepens the technology's place in working life and in industry. Digital technologies are present in the labor market, regardless of whether you work with industrial production, care or administration.

The Skills Group strives to increase:

  • The interest in technology, digitalization and automation amongst young people
  • The digital understanding of Automation Region's member organizations
  • The proportion of foreign-born academics who work within the automation industry

The Skills Group is led by Björn Nordén, Jobba i Västerås and ECC. Those interested in participating or contributing with material and ideas are invited to contact Björn,

Meeting at expectrum on October 18, 2018. Upper row from the left: Harri Levänen, Bernt Henriksen, Pamela Ernlund, Catarina Berglund, Annelie Nyström, Nina Åxman and Elin Sjöström. Lower row from the left: Samuel Strömgren, Björn Nordén, Kina Siberg and Hanna Wiljebrand.

Group members

Nina Åxman, Bombardier Transportation
Catarina Berglund, Automation Region
Pamela Ernlund, Quintus Technologies
Bernt Henriksen, Automation Region
Harri Levänen, Arotech AB
Elin Löfvendahl, ABB
Björn Nordén, Jiv
Annelie Nyström , AF
Kina Siberg, TRR Trygghetsrådet
Samuel Strömgren , Jiv
Hanna Wiljebrand, Create Business Incubator