Greetings from the process management

Chronicle · The process management, Automation Region · 2021-12-22

At Automation Region, we are passionate about bringing together players from different industries and sectors for together developing Sweden into a leading industrial and innovative nation. An ambitious commitment, of course, but when we look back on the past year, we can state that the will and commitment is there - both within ourselves and in our network.

On May 4, we launched, together with PiiA and the Blue Institute, the Swedish IndTech 2021 report with live comments from leaders in industry, academia and government. The term IndTech has become increasingly established and is now used to describe a new Swedish area of ​​strength. For example, the newspaper Dagens Industri writes in an article about our IndTech launch:

“The best of both worlds meet in the tech industry, the proud Swedish industrial tradition with the line of global large companies and the new digital tech scene.”

During the past year, we carried out several different initiatives and concrete activities based on IndTech. During Sweden Innovation Days in January 2022, we will take the work further by marketing the strengths of Swedish industry in a global arena. We hope that this will result in new international collaborations, business and projects for our member companies.

Much else has also happened – we have initiated unexpected collaborations and new constellations, together with our partners we have created projects around microfactories, interoperability and visualization, launched a completely new education in intrapreneurship and developed needs-adapted courses for small and medium-sized companies. Extra exciting for the future is also the ongoing establishment of business nodes in Skellefteå and Silicon Valley in the USA.

Next year, we look forward to testing and validating new products and services, creating even more productive collaborations, and working with new business models in new markets. Together with all our member companies and partners, we continue to develop IndTech for increased Swedish competitiveness and sustainable development in industry and society.

We will show parts of what we are working on during trade fairs, both locally in Västerås and nationally, where we have an established collaboration with the country's leading trade fair organizers.

Many thanks to all of you who in various ways have been involved and contributed to our work during the past year. We will see you in 2022 – and wish you all a wonderful Christmas holiday!

The process management,
Automation Region