• Borrow a researcher

    Note · 22 December 2022

    Mälardalen University now offers companies and organizations within the public sector the opportunity to borrow a researcher with cutting-edge expertise for a day. The university wants to create long-term collaborations and increase the innovation and competitiveness of the companies that participate. Now they lend researchers within embedded systems.

    Read about how to borrow a researcher
  • Forward on the road for emobility

    Note · 20 December 2022

    In order to drastically reduce emissions and reach the sustainability goals, major changes are required, not least in industry and the transport sector. Therefore, through Swedish IndTech, we arranged a seminar with world-leading industry leaders: Robert Falck and Andreas Follér as well as leading policy actors in the USA: Alyssa Haerle and Jennifer Gerbi.

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  • Collaboration is the new innovation

    Note · 29 November 2022

    “Collaboration is the new innovation” said a wise person once, and this is so true! During the Automation Summit conference, it became more transparent than ever that innovation takes place through inter-active collaboration and that the time when research and innovation took place behind closed doors is long gone.

    Read Daniel Boqvist's reflection
  • Using your team's full capacity

    Note · 23 November 2022

    With a shortage of skills and a large recruitment need, capacity management in both the healthcare sector and industry has become increasingly crucial. In a unique project, the two widely different sectors meet to exchange experiences and learn from one another.

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