• Two areas of strength meet - automation and textiles

    Article · 22 December 2021

    Together with Science Park Borås, Automation Region runs the project Mikrofabriker, which investigates how textile and clothing production can be brought home to Sweden. The goal is to develop technology and manufacturing processes for circular and sustainable flows and production concepts.

    On December 7, the project group visited ABB Robotics in Västerås to gather inspiration and discuss automation solutions. The study visit was followed by a discussion that was recorded in a studio and is now available to those who want to know more about the potential of automation in the textile industry.

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  • Greetings from the process management

    Chronicle · The process management, Automation Region · 22 December 2021

    At Automation Region, we are passionate about bringing together players from different industries and sectors to together develop Sweden into a leading industrial and innovative nation. An ambitious commitment, of course, but when we look back on the past year, we can state that the will and commitment is there - both in ourselves and in our network.

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  • Automation Region establishes new node in Skellefteå

    Article · 30 November 2021

    Automation Region works to strengthen the Swedish industry's competitiveness with the help of research and innovation. We are now strengthening our national focus and offering by establishing a regional node for Västerbotten and Norrbotten based in Skellefteå.

    – By connecting Sweden's strong industrial environments, we can create better opportunities to utilize our cutting-edge skills and drive the development of the industry of the future, says Catarina Berglund, process manager at Automation Region.

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  • Push for digitization

    Chronicle · Elin Nordmark, Siemens · 30 November 2021

    Leaders in both business and the public sector must push Swedish small and medium-sized industrial companies to digitize. It is not enough to highlight examples of interesting technology - it requires a broader and more basic discussion of how data is used. That is the opinion of Elin Nordmark, who is Head of Product Management and Promotion, Factory Automation Sweden at Siemens.

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