• Together we will automate the textile industry

    Note · 5 October 2022

    Skill, courage and a degree of humility are needed when automation solutions will be implemented in a completely new industry. This is something that Science Park Borås is aware of and the companies they collaborate with. Together with Automation Region, they are investigating which types of technology and knowledge from industry can be applied to the textile industry.

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  • Elin Glimberg

    Welcome Elin Glimberg!

    Note · 29 September 2022

    In September, Elin Glimberg will join our team at Automation Region. Elin will take on the role of Project Manager for developing events and content. Her duties will be to work with strategic communication and follow-up on the effects of our activities and projects.

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  • Swedish industry needs a vibrant innovation environment

    Chronicle · Catarina Berglund, process manager Automation Region · 1 July 2022

    In a debate article in Ny Teknik, we describe what is needed to develop a sustainable and competitive Swedish industry: “A vibrant innovation environment is crucial for the government's industrial strategy to be realized and for the Swedish indtech miracle to continue to grow.”

    But what exactly is a vibrant innovation environment? And how can individual companies, investors, researchers, and individuals gain access to such an environment? For me, the answer is simple – the innovation environment consists of the combined competence and opportunities within the network.

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  • Debate: "Sweden can become a world leader in industrial digitization"

    Note · 30 June 2022

    Swedish industry is facing a digital transformation that will require extensive investments in the coming years. In a debate article in the magazine Ny Teknik, Automation Region and PiiA point out four areas that require special efforts and focus from politicians.

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