IndTech shows the way forward

Chronicle · Ola Norén, ordförande Automation Region · 2021-03-31

It is with great anticipation that I take on the role of new Chairman of the Board of Automation Region. We have exciting times ahead of us with high goals and ambitions. In five years, we will be Europe's leading innovation environment for automation. It is a bold vision - and to succeed will require a great deal of courage, skill and energy.

My ambition is to continue running Automation Region with bold goals where we dare to break new ground. An investment that will be central to our continued work is the commitment to IndTech. By establishing this concept together with our collaboration partners, we are building an area of ​​strength around which Swedish industry can gather. Swedish companies need to collaborate in joint ventures to be competitive on a global level, and industrial technology is an area where we can take on a world leading role. It is Automation Regions' role to make this a reality.

One area, where I would say that we are already world leaders, is within cooperation and cluster formation. I want to work for an improved climate of cooperation to further strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish industry. I am convinced that cooperation and cluster formation are crucial to maintaining our competitiveness. For ABB, cluster collaboration is prioritized and important from several perspectives, not least in terms of skills supply and innovation. Through collaboration between companies of different sizes, an ecosystem is created by actors who develop new innovations and grow together.

Already today, the Automation Region plays an important role as a neutral platform for development issues in the industry. There is a need for a link between academia and companies to capture needs and create opportunities for collaborations and development projects. Automation Region has that role, and it is now important to develop the network to become a clear platform that advocates for Swedish industry. To get there, we need to dare to pursue a larger agenda, both nationally and internationally.

As chairman, I see it as my main task to ensure that Automation Region gets as much as possible from the organization and board. In my role at ABB Process Automation, it is my mission to ensure that ABB has a long-term commitment and exchange within the Automation Region.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust, the nice welcome and the very inspiring opportunity to be involved and drive Automation Region into the future. Let's build Europe's leading innovation environment for the automation industry together!

Ola Norén
Chairman of Automation Region, Head of Channel Management at ABB Process Automation