Internationalization with great potential

Chronicle · Henric Johnson, Counsellor at Sweden's Office of Science and Innovation in the USA · 2020-11-30

Henric Johnson, Counsellor at Sweden's Office of Science and Innovation in the USA

Since the end of World War II, the United States has developed a successful ecosystem of partnership between business and government. Extensive federal R&D efforts have led to breakthroughs such as the Internet and GPS technology, which in turn form the basis of leading US tech companies and platforms. Most of these companies conduct most of their development from Silicon Valley, where they, together with universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley, have played an important role in the region's development.

The industrial development is now incredibly fast and involves technical areas with strong growth here in the USA - for example AI, biotechnology and quantum technology. Therefore, I think it is excellent that Automation Region, PiiA, Vinnova and Nordic Innovation House together with Vinnova's Nordic counterparts Team Finland and Innovation Norway are investing in international cooperation in the new focus area Nordic IndTech.

We need to continuously strive for increased collaboration in a global context. Strategically connecting the Swedish innovation system to the USA and Silicon Valley has the potential to generate great value for both Swedish and American companies.

From the Government Offices and the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC, we work to develop Swedish-American relations in research, innovation and higher education. Above all at a strategic level, but also close to the Swedish innovation system and together with Swedish companies and universities.

Achieving successful collaborations with players in the United States requires clear strategies and long-term investments. Here we are beginning to see positive effects of Vinnova's presence in Silicon Valley, at the same time as Nordic Innovation House is emerging as an increasingly important platform for collaboration. The Wallenberg Foundation's unique partnership with Stanford University also makes a very positive contribution.

Automation Region and PiiA are important players in the Swedish innovation system, with close relations to Swedish industry, academic environments and institutes. Through our contacts with tech companies in California, we at the embassy hope to be able to support your internationalization and implement activities that create new business opportunities and strengthen your long-term collaboration with the United States.

I look forward to continuing the good cooperation and to be involved in further activities during the spring within Nordic IndTech.

Henric Johnson
Sweden's Office of Science and Innovation in the USA