Long-term cooperation for increased growth in Swedish companies

Note · 2020-05-18

Throughout Sweden, innovation environments are established with the mission of promoting increased collaboration between researchers, SME’s and industry. Through meeting places and activities, the innovation environments contribute to faster growth in Swedish companies. Now, four strong innovation environments come together to optimize B2B networking and development in a pilot project supported by the Regions of Östergötland, Sörmland, Västmanland and Örebro County.

The pilot project named FastLane for Industry, FL4i, aims to increase the competitiveness of companies and players through stronger collaboration between the innovation environments active in East Central Sweden, with main focus on development towards industry 4.0. Stronger collaboration between the innovation environments provides great benefits for companies, both in a short-term perspective with higher requirements with the corona pandemic and more long-term in the industrial transition.

Collaboration activities in the innovation system, workshop on the smart city at Automation Summit 2019 with Pia Lindström as moderator.

– The innovation environments are very driven and have many good offers which is fantastic. However, companies and other target groups may find it difficult to orientate themselves among all offers and know what to focus on, says Pia Lindström, COO of Innovative Materials Arena (IMA), which is one of the initiators of the project. By helping each other in regional growth, we grow together as a large region and can better contribute to the national work to strengthen the power of innovation in Sweden.

The project partners IMA, Alfred Nobel Science Park, Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center and Automation Region see the FL4i pilot as an opportunity to clarify the fair value in the respective environment. Both internally between the innovation environments as well as externally against the companies that exist in their respective networks.

– In the industrial transformation, networking between companies, academia and organizations becomes increasingly important for companies to change. There are great opportunities to streamline our working methods and find new working methods, says Catharina Berglund, process manager at Automation Region. If we can clarify our offerings and quality and package them clearly, we will allow distribution of the innovation environments and create benefits throughout the chain.

The pilot project starts in March 2020 and runs until September 2020, laying the foundations for the continued work on implementing and scaling up the methods and other benefitial findings in more environments within the innovation support system. An expected result is, among other things, easily accessible tools for companies seeking support.