Meet Elin Asplund

Note · 2022-10-11

From her family home in Östersund to a student apartment in Linköping and then she moved to Västerås and Automation Region. Her career has never been mapped out or planned, it has instead been a few coincidences along the way and her desire to learn which has led Elin to where she is today.

“I've always chosen the wider path because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next,” says Elin Asplund. “I decided to study science in upper secondary school because it was broad, then I did the civil engineering programme and then the trainee programme to collaborate with different companies.”

Undeniably, the wide road has suited her well. Today, she works as a Project Manager  developing business models and collaborative projects in automation and digitalisation, where she is an appreciated colleague due to her in-depth knowledge and cross-industry approach.

One project that Elin is very passionate about is Mikrofabriker (micro factories), which Automation Region runs together with Science Park Borås. The aim is to combine knowledge from the textile industry and industry to make technology and manufacturing processes for circular flows available to more people. The project also highlights the opportunity to invest in micro factories and move production home to Sweden, while at the same time making it more sustainable through local production of small, customised – and sometimes recycled – collections.

The insights from the Mikrofabriker project will benefit the textile industry and other industries with a lower degree of automation. The lessons learnt in the project are partly related to technology and application areas, but just as important is the knowledge of  change management with various methods and business models required to make this transition.

At the Scanautomatic trade fair which will be held on 19 October at 11:00, Elin's partner Ellen Flybäck, from Science Park Borås, will tell us more about Mikrofabriker from the stage in IndTech Lounge. Both will be present during the fair and hope to make new contacts.

“I am really looking forward to making the project more visible when meeting people at the fair,” says Elin Asplund. “I hope to make many new contacts, because it’s when we work together across borders that we can really take the major steps towards transforming an entire industry.”

She is described as the facilitator who connects companies, the public sector, authorities and interest groups to find new ways of working. But what does she do when she's not building networks at work?

“Then I'm outdoors in nature, I love being in the mountains where I hike, bike and ski. I like exercise in all its forms!”

Please contact Elin if you wish to book a meeting. She is available both before, during and after Scanautomatic, and is happy to discuss business models, methods and future solutions for the industry.

Elin Asplund
073 662 16 74