Meet Helena Blackbright

Note · 2022-10-13

Helena Blackbright is just as her name reveals – really bright! She has a PhD in innovation management and is the link between the Schools and the private sector at Automation Region. Thanks to a large international network, she conducts research on the conditions for innovation and its relationship with new technology.

“I think it's incredibly exciting to look far ahead into the future, because it takes a longer time perspective to drive change instead of just reacting to what is happening. This is a prerequisite for us to be able to make a major difference and therefore I am delighted that I have been given responsibility for heading up Automation Region's foresight operations,” says Helena Blackbright.

Major changes affect various areas – everything from organisational structure, business models, policies and regulations to clean infrastructure and how people will be affected. To ensure that major changes are as successful as possible, for as many people as possible, it is important to involve different skills from various organisations at an early stage – companies, academia, the public sector and policymakers must all be part of the process.

“In order to prevent future risks, I think it’s very important to start working early with opportunities and possible negative consequences that a change or technological innovation may entail,” says Helena. Here we can see that the interdisciplinary work across borders is a vital brick of Lego when we look to the future.

Foresight, trendspotting and external monitoring will become important ingredients for the future efforts of the Research and innovation group. The private sector, the public sector and academia will all work together to stimulate the innovation climate and contribute to Swedish industry functioning as an engine in the sustainable transition - through innovation and cooperation as well as using the correct structures and methods. Helena hopes to discuss this further at the Scanautomatic trade fair in October and she believes that the broad target group there will be really beneficial.

“I am looking forward to meeting new people with different viewpoints. In research and academia, there is a huge amount of expertise that can benefit the industry,” says Helena. “Through closer discussions, we can create better conditions for reaching out with knowledge from academia to industry, and vice versa, to create a more competitive country.”

A different kind of challenge awaits her after the fair. Together with her husband, she has just bought a house with great potential that they are looking forward to renovating and making their own.

“It's so nice to have a contrast in your life, and I'm looking forward to making a new home based on my own ideas and abilities. Along with renovating, I like motorbiking, drawing and reading,” says Helena.

If she were asked to recommend a book, it would be Livewired by David Eagleman, a fantastic and approachable book about the brain’s plasticity.

Please contact Helena if you would like to book a meeting with her. She is available before, during and after Scanautomatic – so why not take this chance to discuss world-class research and collaboration!

Helena Blackbright
016 15 36 57