Meet Peter Barkenskiöld

Okategoriserade · 2022-10-13

The engineer whose heart beats for children and young people's equal right to training and community.

As a former multiple Swedish champions in 9PIN Bowling, it was important for Peter Barkenskiöld to somehow give back to society. Children and young people, especially those with disabilities and various types of social challenges became the answer and today he runs the training project Together in Västerås within the association Kägelklubben Bataljon. The trainings are led by association-active special teachers and special educators and are financed, by the local business community and the city of Västerås.

"It's great to see the joy in the children's faces, exercise is a fantastic tool to give the kids a context," says Peter. It makes me happy that several local businesses see the importance of including all children early on, and that they have stepped in to sponsor the initiative.

Within the job at Automation Region, Peter benefits greatly from his solid network. He works to connect contacts from different organizations to contribute to an even more competitive industry. A key issue for Peter is the supply of competence.

"The development of technology is going at an incredible speed and it is important that we humans keep up," says Peter. On the one hand, we must ensure that the educations are of high quality and relevance, that young people are interested in technology and thus apply for the educations. Nevertheless, it is equally important that we take care of and further train the competence that already exist in the industry.

In the Visual Lift project they investigate what competence the small and medium-sized companies need to have internally and what type of competence it is enough to hire externally. In projects linked to digitalization, where technology development is rapid, competence is an important factor for the success of the project. Visual Lift uses visualization of production data to make better assessments about preventive maintenance, flows and logistics. All to create more efficient and high-quality products.

Through more efficient production that is of high quality, the project also contributes to increased sustainability – with energy efficiency and a long-lived product. And here Peter sees great potential for further development of Swedish industry.

"There is enormous potential when it comes to green tech and to work for Sweden to become a pioneering country when it comes to sustainable industries. Green tech is a topic that I hope to be able to talk more about together with industry colleagues during Scanautomatic, says Peter and continues:

– I am also looking forward to checking out new technology and learning more about the technology development that is taking place, there are usually a lot of interesting things on display at Scanautomatic. Then of course I look forward to meeting members, and new people at the fair!

Get in touch with Peter if you want to book a meeting. He is available before, during and after Scanautomatic – so take the chance and talk technology, competence development and the way forward together with us!

Peter Barkenskiöld
070 600 91 00