Strong reasons to be a member of the Automation Region

Automation Region brings together companies, authorities, research and education in an industry-independent cluster where collaboration, new contacts, inspiration and skills development lead to profitable business and increased competitiveness. So, why should you join Automation Region?

Meeting places

Automation Region organizes activities that bring together companies, academia and public organizations in various projects and collaborations. Examples of activities are breakfast seminars, Do-tanks, Automation Expo and the conference Automation Summit.


We are a strong cluster with established contacts within Swedish regions, authorities, academia and industry.


Automation Region has almost 160 members, of which about two-thirds are companies that are part of the automation industry. The remaining organizations consist of, for example, regions, other clusters, universities and authorities.


We ensure the supply of skills to the industry and contribute to lifelong learning. We also run and support initiatives that increase the interest in technology among children and young people.


We present our members on our website as well as in digital and printed information material. Members also have the opportunity to promote their own activities through Automation Region's communication channels.


Automation Region monitors technology development and keeps track of global trends and challenges. We discuss these issues at our seminars and other activities and share insights through our communication channels.

Powered by our members

Our members contribute to the development of the cluster by participating in reference and development groups, conducting workshops, giving presentations at breakfast seminars or creating their own activities together with other member organizations.


Does your company need automation and digitalization support? We have expertise, tools and contacts.

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