New node for industrial development in Skellefteå

Note · 2022-03-29

Automation Region is currently strengthening its national focus by establishing a regional node for the Västerbotten and Norrbotten provinces based in Skellefteå. The main purpose is to connect leading industrial environments to promote Swedish competitiveness.

The person responsible for operations at the new node is Ulf Olofsson, Business Development Manager at Automation Region with considerable experience from development projects in automation and digitisation.

Ulf Olofsson, Business Development Manager at Automation Region, and Anja Palm, Business Manager at Skellefteå Municipality.

“I am looking forward to going to and visiting the industrial companies in the region to better understand the needs and review how we can contribute,” says Ulf Olofsson. I feel at home in industrial environments, it is interesting to see the processes in place and to talk to people who run the operational organisation.

Ulf Olofsson has previously worked with selling automation systems to various industries and companies in northern Sweden. He also has a background in the technical aspect of healthcare, where, as Service Manager at Region Västerbotten, he worked with implementing digital systems and solutions in healthcare.

“Digitisation in healthcare is essentially about being able to track equipment and materials in order to simplify and streamline the daily work,” says Ulf Olofsson. Traceability is of course something that companies in the industry also want to achieve, to have the opportunity to follow a raw material to the finished product.

A meeting place for development

Activities at Automation Region's new node in Skellefteå will include those that aim to spread knowledge, strengthen networks and facilitate the development of innovations, production and business models. Operations are coordinated and conducted in close collaboration with the private sector in Västerbotten and Norrbotten.

“We want to bring together our industrial companies and build up a commitment around digitisation and automation,” says Anja Palm, Business Manager at Skellefteå Municipality. “We have many strong companies here but also those that show room for improvement in terms of development. It is easier to learn from each other and collaborate if there is a common meeting place.”

Like the rest of the country, skills supply is a central challenge for industries in Västerbotten and Norrbotten. As a rule, companies do not compete for the same customers, but instead for the available skills. There is a common will among companies to attract new talent to the region and also to raise the general knowledge of automation and digitisation.

“Automation and digitisation create the conditions for more sustainable and inclusive companies and workplaces,” says Ulf Olofsson. In the past, you just needed strong arms and hearing protection to work in the industry. Today, you need much more, but at the same time new, exciting opportunities are opening up for more people.

Offering with national resources

The initial efforts at the node in Skellefteå will focus in particular on creating a picture of the companies' needs. Thereafter an adapted offer will be created using national resources and with experience from successful projects and initiatives that have been implemented in the Mälardalen region.

“Automation Region has a successful approach in stimulating development in automation and digitisation,” says Anja Palm. For us, it is a huge advantage to collaborate with a player who is at the forefront instead of building your own model from scratch.

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