New report: Decisive issues for industry development

Article · 2021-09-30

New report points out the crucial issues for the development of the industry

Around the world, the industry is undergoing a technology-driven structural transformation where existing automation and IT systems are strengthened with new digital solutions. Developments within IndTech are rapid and have great significance for companies' competitiveness. In the new report Automation is now, Automation Region points out five areas that are of particular importance to Swedish industry.

– Sweden competes above all with a high level of technical know-how, world-class research and an innovative business community, says Daniel Boqvist, Deputy Process Manager at Automation Region. Our prosperity is built on innovative and successful export companies that continuously renew and restructure production and products as the markets change. These are abilities that we must continue to develop.

Automation Regions focus

Automation Region has identified five issues that are of particular priority in the coming years. It is about Sweden needing:

  • Increase investments in R&D and improve collaboration between academia and business
  • Strengthen the industry's supply of skills and facilitate lifelong learning
  • Take a world-leading position in the possibilities of digitalisation
  • Pursue initiatives to accelerate the industry's climate change
  • Make it easier for foreign students and experts to come to Sweden

– An extensive structural change places tough demands on the education system to change and set up with education that enables a good national competence supply, but also that Sweden offers good conditions for recruitment internationally, says Daniel Boqvist. We see how we through our experiences of collaboration can contribute to the changes that now need to take place.

Voices from the industry

The report contains interviews with Björn Jonsson, ABB, Darja Isaksson, Vinnova, Elin Nordmark, Siemens, and Mika Lilleberg, ICA.

Automation Region's priority issues are described in more detail in the report Automation is now, which also contains votes from the member companies ABB, Siemens and ICA as well as the innovation authority Vinnova. Representatives from these organizations give their view of what automation solutions and digitalisation mean for Swedish competitiveness, for companies and for their customers.

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