Positive results from Robotlyftet

Note · 2022-03-31

Robotlyftet was initiated by the Swedish Government to support automation and robotisation in small and medium-sized industrial companies. The programme started in 2019 and ended in December 2021. An independent evaluation shows that Robotlyftet has had a good effect and contributed to increasing companies' investments in automation and robotisation.

Martin Hedman, IUC Sverige AB, has been Project Manager for Robotlyftet.

“The participating companies highlight the value of discussion with an independent party”, says Martin Hedman at IUC Sweden who is the Project Manager for Robotlyftet. “So even though the programme includes financial support and other initiatives, I believe that the most important contribution has been that we have been able to increase companies' self-confidence in strategically difficult choices.”

The financing of Robotlyftet has been handled by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket), which has procured the contractor IUC Sverige AB. They have implemented the programme in collaboration with the regional IUC network, Automation Region, Robotdalen, Rise IVF and Swira. In an independent evaluation of the effort, the consulting company Ramböll highlights the following results:

  • 2,500 companies have been contacted and involved in the programme in various ways
  • 511 companies have conducted prerequisite studies
  • 214 companies have been granted automation checks
  • 80 percent of companies have or will have invested in automation within a year
  • 97 percent of the companies state that they have gained the knowledge they had hoped for when they entered the programme

Other positive effects are increased collaboration between the actors in the support system and the fact that the robot integrators have gained a better understanding of small and medium-sized companies as a customer group.

“Robotlyftet can serve as a model for future investments that include development in production, competence, market and digitalisation”, says Martin Hedman. “A broad approach is required for us to be able to develop the country's approximately 5,000 small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.”

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