Two areas of strength meet – automation and textiles

Article · 2021-12-22

Together with Science Park Borås, Automation Region runs the project Mikrofabriker, which investigates how textile and clothing production can be brought home to Sweden. The goal is to develop technology and manufacturing processes for circular and sustainable flows and production concepts.

On December 7, the project group visited ABB Robotics in Västerås to gather inspiration and discuss automation solutions. The study visit was followed by a discussion that was recorded in the studio and is now available to those who want to know more about the potential of automation in the textile industry.

During the visit to ABB Robotics, ABB presented its operations and the ongoing development of industrial robots and collaborative robots. The project team and representatives from ABB discussed how innovative automation solutions can create value in the textile industry, which is still relatively low-automated.

The following people participated in the recorded conversation:

  • Therese Premler-Andersson, Secretary General of the Textile Machinery Association of Sweden
  • Cecilia Tall, Secretary General of TEKO
  • Johanna Wirell, CEO and partner at [a] industri
  • Vera Lucat, salesman, region Western and Central Sweden at ABB Robotics
  • Catarina Berglund, process manager at Automation Region
  • Erik Valvring, innovation strategist at Science Park Borås
  • Jonas Larsson, researcher in textile management at the University of Borås
  • Ellen Flybäck, project manager Mikrofabriker, Ellenability AB
  • Peter Barkenskiöld, project manager, Automation Region

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