IndTech & Electrification Talent

Parter: SynerLeap
Projekttid: 1 april 2021 till 31 mars 2022
Ansvarig Automation Region: Minna Sandberg

The IndTech Talent Attraction program is a project organized by one of the strongest industry clusters in Sweden, consisting of Automation Region and its 170 industry companies, ABB Synerleap, Electrification hub and Västerås Region.

Do you want to connect forefront technologies from Silicon Valley with world leading industry companies from Sweden, creating valuable trans-Atlantic collaborations, accelerating the transformation towards a digitalized, connected, and more sustainable industry of tomorrow? 

Offer Cloud Computing

Offer Data Analysis

Offer IT Security

Offer Industrial IOT

SynerLeap fast track for Silicon Valley Startups and Scaleups