Competence shortage risks the new industrialization

Okategoriserade · 2022-10-10

It is not only in Sweden that the competence shortage risks slowing down the pace within the industry, it is a global challenge. Similar trends with an increasing need for training in robotics and automation are more the rule than the exception.Man som visar en robot för sina kollegor

A global study conducted by ABB with American and European business leaders shows that 74 percent of European and 70 percent of American companies plan to relocate or regionalize production. In doing so, they want to build resilience in the supply chain as a response to labor shortages, the need for a more sustainable global presence, and the uncertainties that surround us.

The majority of these companies see automation as crucial to this transition. 75 percent of European and 62 percent of American companies plan to invest in robotics andautomation over the next three years to enable the shift. So how do we ensure competence?

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