Competence's new tools – drivers towards profession and industry

Note · 2022-03-16

If you ask a gang of fourteen-year-olds which professions they are aware of, they can name about thirty. You will get the same result if you ask a group of nineteen-year-olds. Competence is currently developing a digital tool that visualises the labour market – how it is structured and where the jobs are located. The content is based on the data that professionals submit about their own professions.

porträttbild föreställande Kajsa Börjeson“We will use the tool as a complement to our teaching sessions in labour market knowledge,” says Kajsa Börjeson, Project leader at Competence. “Anyone who needs support in the discussion with young people about professional opportunities will be able to use it.”

Competence aims to increase children and young peoples’ knowledge about the labour market through teaching sessions in labour market knowledge and coaching activities. Automation Region co-founded the initiative and has cooperated with the organisation in various ways over the years.

The idea with the new tool is to make young people better prepared for their choice of study and career. It will serve as a support for parents, teachers, study counsellors and employment agencies in the discussion about driving forces that influence the choice of profession. The tool will be web-based and open for use on The user will answer questions in order to be matched against a profession or industry.  In addition, the description of the various professions will include a section on labour market demand.

“For a long time, we have wanted to have something concrete to hand over in the conversations with young people and parents,” says Kajsa Börjeson. “Young people will be matched against professions they previously did not know existed. If you have never met an anaplastologist, an IT architect, or an automation engineer, how would you know that these professions even exist?”

If you are a working professional, you can go to and fill out the questionnaire, which takes about five minutes and is a worthwhile investment to secure the future skills supply. The information you provide helps to give young people a broader and more up-to-date view of the labour market.

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