Laying the foundation for a European flagship initiative within IndTech

Note · 2022-06-23

Automation Region, the strategic innovation program PiiA and Process IT at Luleå University of Technology have been awarded a Seal of Excellence for the work of establishing an innovation environment for IndTech. Seal of Excellence is the European Commission’s quality award for high-class applications.

“The innovation environment for IndTech will contribute significantly to growth and competitiveness for Swedish industry,” says Daniel Boqvist, Deputy Process Manager at Automation Region. “At the same time, we are laying the foundation for a European industrial flagship initiative.”

For the past two years, Automation Region has developed an innovation environment within the framework of the EU program Digital Europe. The program aims to accelerate research and shorten the time for commercialization in five areas – supercomputers, artificial intelligence, IT security, advanced digital skills, and expanded use of digital technology. The initiative focuses on green transformation, digitalization and strengthening the EU’s strategic independence and ability to develop.

“For us, this means that we strengthen our operational position together with our strategic partners”, says Daniel Boqvist. “Thank you PiiA and Process IT, now we look forward to develop our good cooperation even further.”

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