Quantum computing and how it will revolutionize the industry

Note · 2022-10-14

On August 23, a webinar about Quantum computing was held. With keynotes and a panel we talked about how quantum computers can create benefit and within just a few years revolutionize the industry. In five years, experts believe the world will know what actors and what countries will be forefront in the field of Quantum Computing. Since 2018, the investments into Quantum Computing startups in Silicon Valley have sky rocked.

Top three takeaways

We put together our top three insights from our keynote speaker and panel:

  • Just like we couldn’t foresee 20 years ago how we are using classic computers today, we can’t foresee how we will be using Quantum computers in 2035, Quantum is greater than our imagination.
  • We don’t know for sure what will come of Quantum computing, but we do know that we will be solving problems that we haven’t been able to solve earlier.
  • Quantum can both make and break things. We need to be prepared and develop robust systems to be prepared for 2025 and beyond.

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