Welcome Elin Glimberg!

Note · 2022-09-29

Elin Glimberg comes from Jönköping and moved to Västerås eleven years ago to study the International Marketing Programme at Mälardalen University. She stayed on in Västerås and most recently worked at Hitachi Energy (formerly ABB), where she worked with issues around brand name and communication.  She has also been Project Manager for the Kraftsamtal podcast and has run other brand building initiatives.

“I am looking forward to working in a new kind of organisation where I will have the opportunity to influence operations and our areas of focus. I hope to bring new viewpoints into the efforts of integrating content and brand name,” says Elin Glimberg.

Elin GlimbergElin Glimberg believes that collaboration and development are key aspects for Swedish industry to remain competitive.

“Sharing knowledge allows us to potentially reach out to more people and organisations," says Elin Glimberg and continues, “If we wish to achieve a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable future, we must work together, and I believe that Automation Region can play an important role here.”